Got Mold? Our techs are trained to find and destroy nasty mold!

Need Home Mold Removal? Let our Mold Remediation Crew in Salt Lake City Clean it Up!

We’ve all seen mold before. Mold is, unfortunately, a common problem. Molds make tiny spores to reproduce, just as some plants produce seeds.

Indoors, these mold spores move through the air and settle on surfaces. Good food sources for molds are cloth, wood, carpet, leaking water pipes, wallboard and insulation, but molds can grow on almost anything. It can cause many potential health effects and symptoms, including allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints.

Let us help with home mold removal and cleanup! We will assist you promptly and thoroughly. Our Technicians are trained in mold remediation and know how best to clean up, repair and restore your home. They are trained in home mold removal, mold damage restoration. Feel free to give us a call if you want mold remediation and live in Southern Utah.

If you’ve already found mold in your home, call us for a free in-home estimate. If you are unsure if it’s mold, call and we’ll give you the name and phone numbers of an Industrial Hygienist to come test your home. If mold is discovered, set up an appointment with Rockwell Disaster Cleanup.

Our Certified Technicians will use these techniques:

  • Safely removing the mold
  • Containing mold from spreading
  • Correcting the problem to prevent future mold growth
  • Hepa Vacuuming the mold spores (a vacuum with a filter- designed for mold removal)
  • Providing total reconstruction if needed after correcting the mold problem
  • If needed, hire an Industrial Hygienist to test and verify the air quality in your home

Not sure if your Insurance will cover Mold Removal? All it takes is a phone call.

Rockwell technicians have three goals in mold remediation:

Provide Health and Safety

Rockwell technicians want to make it easy on you during mold removal. We prevent exposure during cleanup by providing safety equipment for workers and occupants. Mold is treated using a negative air machine, which contains the mold spores using an air filter (the machine draws air from the contaminated room and other rooms and releases it clean and filtered.) Mold can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions, and Rockwell’s first step is to provide a healthy cleaning atmosphere for all who live in your home.

Removal of Mold

Mold removal is treated based on the type of mold, its surface and location. If mold has absorbed into drywall, Rockwell technicians will remove the contaminated area. Next, using a Hepa Vacuum, we would contain the mold spores. If on the framing or lumber of your home, we would then sand the lumber or material, Hepa Vacuum the spores, apply an anti-microbial, and seal the area. Next would be reconstructing the area to be like new.

Correct the Source of the Mold Problem

The last thing you want is mold re-growth after getting rid of it in your home. Once the mold is treated, it’s necessary to correct the source of the problem. Usually this is due to an excess source of moisture such as a leaking pipe, drain or damp area. We have the resources and training to correct these problems and help you on your way to preventing further mold growth.

You can trust us to restore your home to a healthy and clean area to live. If you have further questions about mold remediation, check out our Frequently Asked Questions on this site, or feel free to contact us.

* This site is not a good source for the diagnosis of health problems associated with mold.