The Rockwell Team

We take pride in our work and look forward to serving you.

Jim Mansfield

Jim has an extensive background with large home improvement retail management, home improvement contracting, and as a Certified Trainer for many Home Improvement Trades and Architectural Design. Jim is also a Military Veteran that serviced with the Army Criminal Investigation Division. He is IICRC Certified for Fire and Smoke Restoration, Water Damage, Odor Control,  Applied Microbial Remediation Technician and is a Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Technician. At Rockwell, Jim leads the team in Southern Utah where he has been part of the local community since 1999. He’s an asset working with insurance professionals, property managers, and HOA’s, within the community, to recover from life’s detriments in a timely and cost efficient manner.



Jerel Clark

Jerel has worked in the construction and restoration industry for over twenty-five years. Jerel has extensive experience working with insurance companies on catastrophe claims. As a restoration contractor, he is able to utilize his talents, such as the ability to work with people in a positive way and help the insurance company resolve claims fast and efficiently. Jerel is certified to handle any restoration project and has been a General Contractor for over fifteen years.


St George Team

Our St. George team members are highly trained for any type of disaster and rebuilding.  Each individual participates in daily training to maintain a high standard of  professionalism.  We are known throughout the community as a “one stop shop” everything from adjusting all the way through rebuilding in a fraction of time of what the competition would take

______________________________________________________________________________                                                       Chris Mansfield 

Chris has been with Rockwell since 2013, 11years military service, Bachelor in Electronic/computer engineering degree, AAS in Military Intelligence, FEMA response certified, Hazmat certified with state and federal, licensed insurance adjuster in Utah, 10 years of leadership, supervisor, and management experience, IICRC certified.


 _____________________________________________________________________________                                                                     Kirk Jameson 


Kirk JamesonKirk has worked in the Mitigation/Restoration industry now for over 23 years.  His experience began in the environmental sampling profession testing for mold in Southern California.  The experience allowed him to move into the remediation field.  In 2005 he Relocated to New Orleans, to help in the efforts with water damage and mold clean up caused by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, this task lasted for four years, now finally settling in St George.  Since moving to Utah, he has continued his career in the water damage field and continued his education getting cerififications in the Asbestos Abatement arena, IICRC Water Removal Certification’s and soon will be entering into the testing field again with Rockwell. _____________________________________________________________________________                                                                       Amanda Bigelow


_____________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                           Ron Hopkins


img_3194 RONNIE has over 4 years experience with large welding projects and has grownup working in the home improvement field.  He also has years many years  in the water restoration field.  He is currently a  technician with Rockwell

______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                         Lilia Mansfield

img_3205Over 20 years experience in specialized cleaning; Contents affected by disasters, construction clean up, medical office cleaning, and years of experience with higher end homes and their contents  She is in much damaged based on her thoughness and work ethics.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                     Kirk Navar

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                              Wilmer Peraza



_____________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                    Jorge Solares


_____________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                    Marlon Naputo


_____________________________________________________________________________________________________.                                                               William Schaefer

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                      Juan Garcia










_____________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                          Martin Balgavy




_____________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                   Kyle Bigelow




______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                             Darius Duran




______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                        Scott Lenart



______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                Marion McCreary


Over 40 years in the dental field and History of strong entrepreneurship skills with starting new businesses, complex accounting systems, customer scheduling  and managing staff.  Presently managing the installations for our contracts with HOME DEPOT’s for the southern Utah and Utah County areas.   She is very caring and gives 100% into serving our customers and Home Depot

______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                         Adrainn Sullivan